Mosaic Gardens July E-Newsletter

There are great things going on at the garden this week…this month…this year…YOU should get involved! You’ll be happy that you did!  Happy Gardening! 🙂

When:   Tuesday, July 9, 2013     6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
What:    Adult Workshop 1 – Organic vs. Conventional Gardening
             Project: Hanging Planter using Recycled Fabrics
Tina is ready and set to facilitate a workshop/group discussion on Organic vs. Conventional Gardening.  She will also provide instruction on how to make a hanging plant bag using recycled fabric!
Please plan to attend the class that day (even bring a friend) to understand the benefits of organic gardening and how a recycled old shirt, pantyhose or other materials can be used to create a wonderful vertical garden.
Below are more details regarding the workshop…we hope to see you there!
Gardeners Will Need to Bring:
Old shirt, pants, or piece of fabric – must be BREATHABLE such as Cotton or Linen
* NO polyester, NO synthetic fabrics (won’t breath)
twine, ribbons, or other tying material
The MOSAIC Will Supply:
“S” hooks, planting compost/soil, and seedlings/plants
When:   Saturday, July 13, 2013
What:    Garden Work and Play Day, Kids Composting Workshop and the MOSAIC Community Gardens Gardening and Home Beautification Contest Awards
Garden Work and Play Day begins at 9:00 AM
The garden needs your help in order to look its best!  There is a great need to weed, water and to rotate the compost pile….there is good, rich soil and the bottom of the heap.  Let’s get under there and use it!
Kids Composting Workshop begins at 9:30 AM
Children will learn about where soil comes from and why worms, bees and other crawly creatures are good for us and our plant!
MOSAIC Gardening & Home Beautification Contest Awards Ceremony begins at 11:30 PM
The contest entry deadline has come to pass…see who takes top prize in this year’s MOSAIC Community Land Trust’s Garden and Home Beautification Contest!  Cash prizes will be awarded in each category!
This Saturday is an awesome day for the entire family to come to the garden!  Plan to spend your morning playing in the garden, watching your children learn more about soil and celebrating those who have taken the time to make Pottstown a more beautiful place to call home!
and other honorable mentions…
Early Season Surveys are Now Due
If you haven’t already, please take an opportunity this week to fill out an early season survey.  This information is vital in understanding your experience in gardening prior to joining the community garden and today.  Copies of the survey are located in the shed.  Kindly fill one out today and place it in the envelope marked ‘Completed Surveys’.
MOSAIC Produce Stand
The produce stand is just about complete!  The children of the garden will be using the stand to sell produce and other goodies from the gardens and the art program.  Please let me know if you have vegetables throughout the growing season you would like to donate to our youth program that they may sell.  The proceeds will be used for additional youth programs/activities.
Garden Tending (Need Help?)
Please contact a myself or a fellow gardener if you will be away, or have a crazy work schedule and need someone to look after your plot.  With the temperatures soaring, your garden plot needs a lil’ attention everyday. Remember to water before 10:00 AM or after 3:00 PM (watering soil only and not the actual plant) for the best results.
Adult Gardening Workshop 2
Just a heads-up…the next Adult Gardening Workshop is on Preserving Your Harvest.  You will how to know when your produce and herbs are ready to be picked, how to store them and unique ways to use ’em!  Please plan to attend each workshop as valuable information, gardening fellowship and fun activities are in order!  Details regarding this event will be sent out real soon!
Please do not hesitate to call email me if you have any questions or need additional information about the gardens.
I hope you have a fun and productive day!
See ya’ at the gardens,

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