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Gardeners, listen up!

There will be lots of great things happening in and around the gardens, we are hoping you’ll join us.  Please review this email in its entirety…we have lots of “ground” to cover! 🙂

Garden Essentials and Reminders:

Garden Guide – Please take an opportunity to review the Mosaic Community Garden Guide attached.  The guide explains the general rules of the gardens, other do’s and don’ts along with garden planting tips.

Garden Gate/Locks – The garden gate locks should be locked at all times when there is no one in the gardens.  The locks are opened by combination and should not be given to anyone who is not a garden member nor should a non-member or children under the age of 18 be left unattended.  The lock must be on the combination to lock and unlock the lock.  If the combination is not properly set, it will not lock just as it will not unlock.  Please make note of it.

(484) 300-2410 – Please save this number to your phone under Mosaic Gardens and call if you have any questions or concerns regarding the gardens/lock.

Garden Log Book – Each time you visit the garden(s), you must sign in and out in the garden log books.  The log books are located in the shed at each garden. Fill in each of the areas, the date, your assigned plot number, how many people in total are with you during your visit, the time in and out along with the activity, i.e. weeding, planting, harvesting.  We also ask that you weight your vegetables and report the total number of pounds in the book as well.  This information is an important piece of our grant reporting process for continued funding – please be sure to DO IT every time!

Garden Accessories – The water, tools and other items in the garden are there for your use.  Please keep our costs down by ensuring that the water is turned off after use and that the tools are returned to their rightful spot and not left in the gardens.  Each year, items that are accidentally removed from the garden or left out to rust and/or fall apart during the winter months have to be replaced.  Always take a look around before “closing up shop” in order to keep our gardens neat and tidy!

Garden Plot Assignments will be send out in a separate email…be on the lookout!  Many of the plots have orange plot markers with the plot number and the family or organization’s name on the marker.  There will be more assignments happening in the next few days so check your email often!

Calendar of Events:

You best mark your calendars, you wouldn’t want to miss out… 🙂

April 25

Mosaic Community Gardens – 2-4PM “Before the Last Frost” Early Planting Workshop and Planting Day (both gardens)

This Saturday, Mosaic Community Gardens will host its first workshop titled – “Before the Last Frost Seed Planting”.  We will host the workshop from 2:00 – 3:00 PM at the gardens located at 423 Chestnut Street and host the workshop from 3:00 – 4:00 PM at the gardens located at 615 Chestnut Street.

Tips, advice and additional educational resources will be provided that day.  We will also provide participants with an opportunity to plant seeds most appropriate for planting during the earlier weeks of the season. 

We want to help you get a head start in the gardens!  Bring a friend, co-worker or family member so they too may experience this fun activity in the garden!

May 2

Community Fun Day Health Fair – 11-5PM Olivet’s Boys and Girls Club

May 9 

Mosaic Community Gardens – 2-4PM “After the Last Frost”  Planting Workshop and Planting Day (both gardens)

May 23

Mosaic – New Project! 301 Walnut Street’s – Edible Garden Park (mark your calendars – more information to follow)

May 24

Pottstown area students paint lower section of mural (mark your calendars – more information to follow)

May 2015

Mosaic Community Land Trust’s Annual Meeting (mark your calendars – more information to follow)

June 2015

Mosaic’s third annual Home Garden Contest is in full swing!  Visit to find out more about entering the contest for your chance to win one of the cash prizes!  $2,500 in cash and prizes is at stake!

Please email us by replying to the email if you have any questions or need additional information. 

Thanks a bunch (of radishes)! 😉


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