Davey Tree Experts volunteer in Pottstown…

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

but there are not enough words to express the depth of our gratitude to the volunteers from Davey Tree Experts for their hard work and dedication to clearing and trimming the trees at the Community Garden site.  Thank you one and all.

Let the Sun Shine, yeah, Let the Sun Shine In! 

A bird in hand is better than two in a bush, especially if that bush keeps the warm, nurturing sun from reaching the veggie garden beds! **This baby dove was cared for by the volunteers and placed out of harms way to await it’s mom and dad** Kudos to Chris Huff, CLT Vice Prez, for the excellent photo’s! Mary-Beth Lydon, Committee head and trustee of Mosaic CLT for feeding the volunteers and being so sweet and organized. Teri Jensen-Sellers for being a great neighbor and keeping us up to the minute and last, but not least, Teri’s wonderful hubby, Alan for organizing this tree event with his employer and co-workers and donating his time and knowledge too.


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