Mosaic is seeking two or three individuals who meet the criteria for membership and who have a sincere interest in helping the organization fulfill its purposes and mission. The Board meets monthly 11 times during the year and members are expected to participate as volunteers in various activities of the organization and to contribute financially as they are able. Information about Mosaic can be found here on the website and potential members will receive an orientation before making a commitment if they desire. Board elections will be held in May of 2016. Interested persons should contact Dave Garner, Board Secretary at or 484-945-0777 to follow up further.

Criteria for membership/for election to board

Any person at least 18 years old who supports the purposes of [Mosaic Community Land Trust], who completes the application and who has paid an annual membership fee set by the Board or received a waiver of the fee based on criteria established by the corporation including providing labor, goods or services.

Purposes of Mosaic

The corporation is formed to carry out educational and charitable activities within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code, including:

To provide permanently affordable access to land, homes and workplaces for current and future community members of low and moderate income.

To acquire and hold land in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

To prevent land and resource speculation which conflict with the community’s interest in conserving land and access to permanently affordable housing.

To develop and exercise responsible, ecological practices which preserve, protect, and enhance the land’s natural, scenic, recreational, and productive attributes.

To serve as a model in land stewardship and community development and to enable others to support and participate in these initiatives by providing information, resources, and expertise.

Mission of Mosaic

MOSAIC Community Land Trust provides permanently affordable housing and healthy living choices to people of modest means, and through education and participation, creates a vital community with a focus on arts and culture to stabilize neighborhoods and improve the quality of life in Pottstown.

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