We’re gonna have a good time ….

The Blues Series

“This Blues Series has some real Soul!”

Review posted by: Kirsten from Edison, New Jersey, Apr 17, 2011

“The use of, color, light and exaggerated subject matter gives these paintings a unique character that shows a wide variety of emotion and the heartfelt spirit of jazz. love it!” ~ the Philly Fun Guide

Check it out:

And the icing on the cake:
**LIVE TUNES** by Pianist Porter Shimer most recently found playing at: Applewood Grill. Piano by Porter Shimer,  2016 Applewood Drive, Orefield

Don’t forget to take the trolley to 423 Chestnut St. Home of Pottstown’s VERY FIRST Community Gardens. See what’s up, (OK the place is in a bit of a mess at the moment), but ya gotta do the “dirty work” before the fun can begin.


Ham it up with Peas and Carrot! That’s right, everybody’s FAVORITE veggies will be at the gardens to greet you, (if your lucky, they’ll tickle your funny bone and give you a “nuggy” too). Eat your Peas, (save the life of a carrot)!

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