MOSAIC Community Garden E-Letter – September‏

Hello Gardeners,


The Produce and Information Stand was a great success in downtown Pottstown!


Over 40 people stopped by to see the cart and purchase honey, produce, herbs and fruit that day!


With each purchase, neighbors and other visitors new to the garden, received loads of information regarding the benefits of eating organic food, food justice and where to buy fresh, wholesome foods if they are unable to grow it themselves at this time.


Valerie Rhoads from Global Advanced Metals was the first shopper at our produce stand that morning.  We are happy to have her company as one of our supports!  Thank you Valerie!


The cart and information stand will be outside the garden gates again this Saturday, September 14th at 9 AM sharp!


Be sure to get there early so you don’t miss out on some of the super-fresh items being offered that day!


Oh, and another BIG, WARM, thanks to all the MOSAIC community gardeners who donated produce to sell that day.  All of the proceeds will benefit future garden activities!


Please Note:


Our next Garden Work & Play Day will be Saturday, September, 21, 2013 beginning at 9:00 AM.




Please contact me if you would like to volunteer your time to help set up, break down or gather produce for the stand or…if you would like to “work” at the stand one Saturday.  We could really use your help!  


If there is anyone who hasn’t donated but feels like they have more in their plot than they can chew…




The garden is overflowing with fresh herbs and vegetables, especially tomatoes! So much so, many of the tomatoes are landing on the ground instead of being pick by gardeners.


Please let me know via email if you have items growing in your plot you would like to donate towards this week’s offering.  Or, you can pick the items this Saturday morning to be sold to garden customers.  Please let me know if you prefer this option so we may plan for the produce you are prepared to pick.


As Always, MOSAIC looks for Opportunities to GET THE WORD OUT


We continue to search for outreach and advocacy opportunities every day! Please let us know if we can visit your office, church or other organization to provide individuals the opportunity to join, shop and contribute to the community gardens.  You know the of the positive impacts a community garden can have on an area, now let’s ensure others are offered the same knowledge and opportunities.


NOW MORE THAN EVER!!!!!!   Garden Tending – Lend Your Neighbor a Helping Hand


WATER, WATER, Water your garden and your neighbors garden, take time to weed the perimeter of your garden and along the fencing, corral your cucumber plants out of the walking paths, take time to stake a plant that needs a little support whether it’s yours or someone else’s.  Every little bit counts!  Let’s continue to live out the definition of a community garden – a single piece of land cared for by an entire community!


Also, you may contact me or a fellow gardener if you will be away, or have a crazy work schedule and need someone to look after your plot.  With the temperatures soaring, your garden plot needs a lil’ attention everyday.


Remember to water before 10:00 AM or after 3:00 PM (watering soil only and not the actual plant) for the best results.


Call or email me anytime if you have any questions, need garden paperwork, etc. Us garden team members are always here to help!


See ya’ at the gardens,


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