Making a House a Home

We are pleased to announce the closing of the first home in the Mosaic Home Buyers Program in partnership with Genesis Housing!

This lovely remodeled home on Queen Street in Pottstown will be the first of many properties Mosaic hopes to make more affordable for those looking to buy their first home. Genesis handled the rehabilitation of the property, while Mosaic provided closing costs to the buyer to assist them in purchasing it. In addition Mosaic took care of the installation of landscaping to beautify the outside of the home and will provide access to the gardening experts at Mosaic for help and advice for the first year as the new owners settle into their home.

Going forward, the Home Buyers Program will become the Mosaic Community Land Trust Homes Program. After participating in a home buyer education program, interested buyers will be directed to available Community Land Trust (CLT) homes for purchase. See the Mosaic website for more information on CLT homes and how they differ from other types of homes.

Interested in learning more? Contact Mosaic at or through our website,



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