And Now, an E-Message from Laura…

Greetings Gardeners and Friends,

images-6About  17 people showed up yesterday ready to work hard for the gardens!  The morning weather started off slightly breezy but warmed up nicely allowing us to get things done!  Relieved to be out in the spring sun, we raked leaves and picked up trash in common areas around the perimeter of the garden, weeded and tilled about 70% of the garden beds and laid fresh compost on many of them.  We got to know some of our newest gardeners, we chatted and laughed while working to prep the garden for planting.  Many members eagerly handed in their registrations and plot fees as well!
We had a display table at this years YMCA PEAK (Pottstown Early Action for Kindergarten Readiness) event.   It was a great success for hundreds of children and adults alike.  The children received free toothbrushes, soft pretzels and face paintings.  They learned the importance of fire safety, healthy eating (hint, hint) and joined in on many other activities provided by an eclectic group of organizations.
We talked with dozens of families about the MOSAIC CLT efforts as a whole along with the specific goals of the Community Garden.  Many people didn’t know the garden existed and were excited to hear about the opportunities of improvement the garden provides: land beautification,  families working with their neighbors and a healthy harvest of vegetables and herbs!  In all, we provided about families and organizations with brochures to learn more about our garden.  More than 15 families took membership packets to fill out and return to the MOSAIC office.
We now have 3 garden contest entries completed and turned in!  More and more people are interested in showing off their home gardens and potted plants.  We expect to receive additional entries stemming from the PEAK event and other outreach efforts.  Please let everyone you know that lives in the qualifying area about the contest and how they can enter.  The contest pays a cash prize to winners in each category!
WE NEED YOUR HELP FOR OUR SUMMER YOUTH PROGRAM!  Students of Pottstown Elementary Schools and Middle School will be participating in our summer garden program  We need everyone’s effort to cultivate the garden AND our youth program.  Please email me if you can donate 2 hours of  your time or know of someone who would love this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Our goal is to enlist at least 12 adults who are willing to give 2 hours in the summer to benefit our youth.
Lastly, a few reminders…
***Please remember to sign in and out of the garden while visiting.  The log is kept in the shed and takes just a few seconds to jot down the information.
***Copies of this year’s membership manual is also in the shed.  Some of the information has changed from last year so please take a copy to review.
***There are several packets of seeds in the shed.  These are some of the vegetables seed you can freely plant in the ground that don’t necessarily mind cooler weather.  More seeds and seedlings will be provided as time goes on and the weather gets warmer.
***Plot numbers have been assigned for those who have completed their full membership packet.  The layout/assignment sheet will be posted in the shed by Tuesday evening.  Plots markers will be placed at each plot so you will know which one is yours.  Assignments will be added as more memberships are received.


Happy Gardening,

Laura Washington


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