20150916_113952Community Gardens – Our gardens look better than ever, you all have been are participating in the effort to keep the gardens harvested, weeded and watered – Mosaic thanks you!Speaking of supplies…we have new gloves, tools and other items to replace some of the lost, damaged and worn items as we prepare for next year’s growing season!  Other organizational items will be assembled and setup to make weighing and bagging your vegetables easy!  Please let Laura Washington know if you know a “handy man or woman” who would love to volunteer an hour or two to assemble some of these items!

Marketing – A new graphics design is almost complete! The new design, along with our logo, will be printed on shirts, reusable bags, buttons and other groovy items!  “Bee” ready…it’s a great design!

301 Walnut Street Permaculture Garden – We plan to add new plantings such as trees and maybe a few shrubs  at the garden this Fall.  Thank you for your help and support in building such a great space…btw, there are several “volunteer” pumpkins, gourds and stalks of corn on location.  We think the corn came from a gift a little birdie let fly from the sky!  Please feel free to take one or two of these items in your passing.  We simply ask that you use the moment to educate a neighbor, a children or a passerby about Mosaic and/or gardening and our environment!  Do not miss out on an opportunity to teach someone else something you know about gardening!

New Garden – Mosaic is on the hunt for another location to spread its roots in the community in 2016.  PLEASE be on the HUNT for a cool location in downtown Pottstown!  AND, if your church, organization, club or corporation has a great space for a garden and is in the downtown Pottstown area, please contact Laura Washington.  It is our goal to consider as many locations as possible before making a final decision on where the new garden will GROW!

If you would like to volunteer or learn more about our Gardens, please contact Laura Washington at wash5000@msn.com.

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