MOSAIC Garden News, Updates and Events

It’s been a great pre-season start to another bountiful year at the community gardens!  Long-lasting partnerships, along with vegetables are flourishing in the gardens…

A group of students from The Hill School volunteered for more than ten weeks in order to lay compost and set up the perimeter garden beds at the new garden, located at 615 Chestnut Street.  Their great effort was created a snowball effect of many community partnerships to get the garden “growing”.

Next up, XL Insurance sent more than 15 employees to lay out 27 garden beds at one garden while laying wood chips in the walking paths, tilling existing garden beds and other great tasks at the other garden.  The group worked until the afternoon moving a “ton” of dirt!

Last but surely not least, the John Middleton Co. through a United Way initiative, sent over 40 employees along with a new shed, gardening tools and building tools to polish off the new garden.  By the time it was all said and done, an 8’ x 10’ shed was build, three new compost bins established, benches were painted and many other tasks completed to seal the deal!

MOSAIC would like to give a warm thanks and a few ripe radishes to The Hill School, XL Insurance, the United Way and John Middleton Co.  In addition, we would like to thank Colonial Gardens, Ryan Procsal, ACE Remodeling, our gardeners and other community volunteers who took the time to help move dirt, donate supplies or just plain ol’ weed the garden!  We could not do it without YOU!

What Do You Got Growin’??

There are plenty beautiful plants growing and growing at each garden.  The tomato plants are beginning to bloom, the blueberry bushes are almost ripe for the picking and the collard green leaves are plentiful enough to create a beautiful side dish!  While gardeners have been planted for a while, others (such as myself) are just getting started!

Check out some pictures of what’s been going on in the garden!

Are You Looking to Get More Physical?

Miica Patterson and the Mercury Fit for Life Team have geared up to help get Pottstown moving.  They host a 1-mile walk weekly, and yes folks, the walk takes place rain or shine! J  In addition, the Fit for Life initiative focuses on keeping Pottstown informed of many local events and physical activity opportunities.  Visit their Facebook Page at:

Snap peaGot Peas? Here is an Awesome, Easy Recipe!

For those of you who have more peas than they can chew, here is a tasty herb and snap pea salad to enjoy as a main dish or a healthy side.

Click on the link for the recipe:

Mark Your Calendars…

Garden Contest

The garden contest deadline dates have been extended!  The deadline for entry is Friday, July 11, judging will take place on Saturday, July 19 and the awards ceremony will take place on Saturday, July 26, 2014.  Contestants can go online to print a form or contact MOSAIC to have one mailed or delivered to their home.

Garden Party – Get to Know MOSAIC

On July 19, MOSAIC will host its first outdoor party at the gardens!  This will be a day of celebration and awareness!  There will be music, food, information and resources about the garden, affordable housing and other great opportunities!  Plan to be at our 423 Chestnut Street garden location, the celebration kicks off at 2 PM!

A few of our experienced gardeners will be hanging out in the garden on Saturday, July 5 from 9 AM – 11 AM.  Stop by to learn more about gardening at the gardens or to share ideas, thoughts or simply make a new friend!

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