Laura WashingtonMOSAIC C.L.T. is DELIGHTED to present our new Community Gardens Manager, Laura Washington…


Laura has been on a lifelong journey to eat well, live well and make every concession to live a natural, wholesome lifestyle. A big part of that journey revolves around the foods that she and her family enjoy.  Laura completed a 9-month Homestead Herbalism Course and certification at the Farm at Coventry in Pottstown.

The course was a turning point in her view of life and the reality that the earth provides everything we need to live a life that is kinder and gentler to the environment and one another.

Last year, Laura was an active member of the Mosaic Community Gardens at 423 Chestnut St. She held seminars, demonstrations and assisted with volunteer activities while tending to her own plot and those of others.

Laura has this to say about her experience of the gardens last year:

“I captured the essence of what a community garden is made of:  amazing people who share and care about the environment, each other and what they grow and eat.”


to all the amazing applicants for this position!!!

We consider it fortunate to have had the opportunity to interview so many DownloadedFile-2qualified candidates.  It was a tough decision.  However, we enjoyed the process and especially speaking with each and every one of you and, (some of you twice).

Again, thank you so much and we hope you’ll be part of the gardens this year to help further create community and share your knowledge with others.

Laura’s qualifications, in the end, were the perfect match for our mission of creating neighborhood, gardening and promoting healthy choices.  As a volunteer, during our first season, Laura made a big impact on all who had the joyful opportunity to spend time with her in the gardens.

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