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Educational Programming
One of Mosaic’s pillars is education. From helping folks become homeowners, better stewards of the earth, to making good food choices, we’ve put together the educational program that stimulates and informs.

Sustainability, Gardening and Nutrition Workshops
Mosaic provides regular workshops in a variety of topics to encourage and educate Mosaic members and Pottstown community members in some of its primary mission areas of sustainability, gardening and nutrition. The workshops are held in the gardens, at the Mosaic offices, and in locations hosted by many of our community partners, including the Pottstown Regional Library, the YWCA and YMCA, Olivets Boys and Girls Club and Art Fusion. Always free to our members and the public alike, the workshops bring our mission goals to Pottstown citizens.

Kid’s Educational Programming

Mosaic inspires kids to be engaged in the community and to be environmentally conscious. We create programming that helps children improve their environmental attitudes, increase their ability to problem solve, gain a deeper understanding of math and science, and create healthy habits that will follow them into their adulthood.

For Kids