Community Supported Agriculture with Tine and Toil Farm

In addition to our community garden program, we have continued to expand our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Scholarship Program for the fifth consecutive year in partnership with Tine & Toil Farm in North Coventry. This program, supported by the Leo and Peggy Pierce Family Foundation, has doubled in size to now include feeding 20 families fresh produce on a weekly basis mid-May through mid-October. Through our partners at Tower Health, we’ve identified and added additional Pottstown families that are in need of food support. Our partners at KenCrest have continued to assist Mosaic in our weekly distribution as their staff and consumers deliver the 20 shares of food bags ranging between 15-20 lbs throughout the community. This past year has also seen assistance in neighborhood delivery from our community garden manager, Janet Freedline, as well as community volunteers, including Howard & Charlotte Charles and Tanya O’Hern. We are grateful to all the community members and partners that have helped this CSA program grow over the years.