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What is a Community Land Trust?

Community Land Trust, or CLT, is a nonprofit sustainable model for:

  • Community involvement & partnerships

  • Increased homeownership

  • Neighborhood stabilization

  • Arts & Culture

  • Healthy lifestyles/ Community Gardens

  • Job creation/entrepreneurship

Check out our Power Point Presentation to see the highlights and benefits!

Why  A Community Land Trust?

A Community Land Trust is an effective model for promoting affordable homeownership, stabilizing neighborhoods and improving local economies.

A CLT owns property, rehabilitates buildings, then sells or leases buildings according to community goals, but the CLT retains ownership of the land beneath the buildings.

This allows the CLT to continue to have a relationship with homeowners and have an ongoing, stabilizing influence in a neighborhood. CLT stewardship promotes home maintenance & prevents foreclosure. In 2009, just 1.6% of CLT homes across the country went to foreclosure.

CLTs rely on government and other nonprofit partnerships to solve safety and code enforcement problems. While a CLT’s housing rehab activities will create local construction jobs, the Pottstown CLT will do more than housing. Because CLTs respond to the needs of their particular community, they can undertake a wide range of activities:

  • Community gardens

  • Land-banking

  • Own, lease & sell commercial property

  • Market properties to artists & sell properties at market rates

  • Create a job incubator

In order to take charge of its destiny, Pottstown residents, organizations, schools, government and the private sector must work together. A spirit of cooperation and partnership is at the heart of the community land trust model and the inspiration for the Pottstown Community Land Trust.

The founders of the Pottstown CLT are Dave Garner, Chris Huff, David Jackson and Sue Repko. We believe that Pottstown will succeed in its revitalization efforts through the involvement of the entire community, which requires productive partnerships among citizens, government, schools, non-profit institutions and the private sector.

For a more detailed update, please go to our “News” page.

We invite you to join us
as we open the door to a better Pottstown!


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