scarecrowSunday, September 27, 2015

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Impromptu Garden (Scarecrow-Making) Day, THIS SUNDAY!

Mosaic Community Gardens
423 Chestnut Street
Pottstown, PA  19464

Spend time in the gardens located at 423 Chestnut Street as we use re-purposed clothing, shoes, paint, markers and hats along with straw bales donated by Colonial Gardens and branches from the beautifully-pruned maple in the back of the gardens to make cute scarecrows for each garden!  Bring your own re-purposed materials to make one to take home!  We will start at 2:00 PM and work until they are done!!!

What a beautiful day, MOSAIC Members!

We hope you have had a chance to get outdoors and smell the roses (there are quite a few still blooming at the gardens)!

2015-09-16 16.12.55_resized

Don’t give up on those tomato plants just yet!

Our gardens are still producing…we even have a few PEACHES!!

Please take a look at what’s happenin’ in and around the gardens as we approach the end of another awesome season!


End of Season Survey

We need your input in order to provide the best community garden experiences around! Please take a moment (well maybe 3 minutes…tops) to complete the survey. The data collected is used in an effort to ensure we are meeting the needs of our gardeners and as a reporting tool to our funders! Let’s see if we can surpass our early season participation of 26 completed surveys!!!!! WE CAN DO IT! Another great prize will be awarded to one lucky survey participant for their participation! Each of you will receive an email shortly on how to complete the survey.


Water, weed, harvest and tidy up! ‘nough said… :-) Please keep in mind, a community garden bed membership is a full season commitment. Kindly treat it as such. Reach out if you need assistance or support in any aspect of caring for your garden. We are here to help!

The sheds at both gardens are in the process of getting makeovers to finish out the season! The shed at our 423 Chestnut Street gardens has been organized thanks to a cubbie system recently installed.  Take a little extra time and a li’l extra effort to keep it this way! The shed at our 615 Chestnut Street gardens has plenty of shelving and will also have a cubbie system installed in the upcoming week!

20150916_113952Community Gardens – Our gardens look better than ever, you all have been are participating in the effort to keep the gardens harvested, weeded and watered – Mosaic thanks you!Speaking of supplies…we have new gloves, tools and other items to replace some of the lost, damaged and worn items as we prepare for next year’s growing season!  Other organizational items will be assembled and setup to make weighing and bagging your vegetables easy!  Please let Laura Washington know if you know a “handy man or woman” who would love to volunteer an hour or two to assemble some of these items!

Marketing – A new graphics design is almost complete! The new design, along with our logo, will be printed on shirts, reusable bags, buttons and other groovy items!  “Bee” ready…it’s a great design!

301 Walnut Street Permaculture Garden – We plan to add new plantings such as trees and maybe a few shrubs  at the garden this Fall.  Thank you for your help and support in building such a great space…btw, there are several “volunteer” pumpkins, gourds and stalks of corn on location.  We think the corn came from a gift a little birdie let fly from the sky!  Please feel free to take one or two of these items in your passing.  We simply ask that you use the moment to educate a neighbor, a children or a passerby about Mosaic and/or gardening and our environment!  Do not miss out on an opportunity to teach someone else something you know about gardening!

New Garden – Mosaic is on the hunt for another location to spread its roots in the community in 2016.  PLEASE be on the HUNT for a cool location in downtown Pottstown!  AND, if your church, organization, club or corporation has a great space for a garden and is in the downtown Pottstown area, please contact Laura Washington.  It is our goal to consider as many locations as possible before making a final decision on where the new garden will GROW!

If you would like to volunteer or learn more about our Gardens, please contact Laura Washington at



Join us this Saturday July 18th for the next Pottstown Bicentennial event!

The next Pottstown Bicentennial event will be this Saturday, July 18th at Riverfront Park.  MOSAIC Community Land Trust is excited to join the community to celebrate this historic milestone.

Please stop by and visit us at our table from 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm at Riverfront Park!  Hope to see you there!

Trinity Reformed United Church of Christ is looking for properties for home repairs.

Trinity Reformed United Church of Christ is looking for qualifying properties for FREE home repairs.  The work will be done on July 24-27, so respond soon!  Non-profit agencies may also participate.

If you’re interested, please contact Kate Hoffman at Trinity Reformed United Church of Christ at 610-326-2243, or print and fill out the attached flyer (click on the link below to download).


Mosaic Community Gardens News‏

Hello Garden Folks,

Mosaic wants to keep you, your family and your organization in-the-know about the gardens and CLT activity!  Great things are a-happenin’!  Take a look…

Mural (423 Gardens) – The mural is just about done!  Please stop by our 423 Chestnut Street gardens to take a peek at the almost-finished work of Promiseland Murals!  Nice work Carrie!

Permaculture Garden (301 Walnut Street) – We’re getting there…Eric Schmidt of Colonial Gardens and his crew will be working on the garden early next week to tidy up the walking paths with wood chips and beautiful boulders!  The information board will be installed in the upcoming weeks.

The Office is OPEN! The office will open this Saturday from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM.  Please make note of it and stop by to say hello or to pick up a garden contest flyer!

Speaking of garden contest…We are on the hunt for more residential, neighborhood and junior gardener entries.  The entry form is attached so you may enter the contest or send the form to a friend or neighbor who you believe has a garden worth bragging about!

In the News…Mosaic is doing great things around Pottstown, things worth writing about! J  (control & click on the links below, Tom Hylton’s recent Mercury “advertorial” is included in an attachment, thank you TOM for your support!)

Garden Mural Undertaken with Great CARE

Green Thumbs Up for Pottstown Home Garden Contest


Calendar of Events:

Garden Days

Our next Garden Work and Play Days are set for Sunday, June 14 and Sunday June 28 from 11-2.  On the 14th, we will begin our day at the 615 Chestnut Street Gardens and on the 28th we will begin our day at the 423 Chestnut Street Gardens.  I hope you will join us to plant, weed, water and chat during these times!


Sunday, June 14 from 12:00 – 1:00 PM at our 615 Chestnut Street Gardens!

How to Grow Spuds in a BAG – Learn how to grow potatoes in a reusable tote!  The workshop is set to teach you easy ways to grow great gardens in small spaces!  Everyone who attends will be given a lovely tote, some good growing dirt (50% organic garden soil and 50% of your very own garden compost) and a bunch of fingerling potatoes to plant your very own bag!  You can take the bag home or sit it at the end of your garden bed!  Be there, bring a friend!

Table Events

Thursday June 18 TCN Non-Profit Conference Montgomery County Community College 9:00AM – 12noon.

June 13, July 18 and August 15 Bicentennial Celebration 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM each day

Please let us know of your interest in manning a table during any of the upcoming events.  If you are unable to volunteer, please consider attending one (or all of the events)!

Don’t Forget!!!!!!   Water and weed your plot and other areas around the garden.  Remembering to water your garden plot before 10:00 AM or after 3:00 PM will avoid plant wilting and help your garden to reap its best harvest.  If you have time, please remember to water the perimeter beds or your neighbors garden.  Plants need water daily during a heat wave such as this and weeding should be done in your plot/around it at least once a week to avoid being overrun by pesky weeds! This is the true spirit of a “community garden”, the entire community watering, weeding and caring for the entire garden! Let us all build on increasing our community garden spirit!

We still need plastic bags at both gardens! Having grocery bags at the gardens helps to make the job of gathering and weighing our harvest easier (don’t forget to log your harvest and visits in the log book located in the shed).

Be on the lookout for new garden locations…we are always interested in scoping out a potential garden location.  Please let us know if you pass by or live next to an area that you think is blighted…we may decide to make it beautiful!  We are looking for projects large and small!

Lastly, we still have a few garden beds left for the season, let your neighbors and friends know…they may want to join you by becoming a garden member this season!

Thank you.


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