2015 Goals, Bylaws, Meet the Board

To date, there are 255 Community Land Trusts across the Nation and a National Community Land Trust Network.  Six of those CLT’s are located in Pennsylvania.

In June 2010, the founding members began their research and studies into the structure and benefits of the Community Land Trust model as a tool for revitalization and increased homeownership.

MOSAIC in 2015

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2013 is shaping up to be even more exciting than the previous year as we plan for our second Community Gardens and continue our education in non-profits and housing…

PAHWF is funding our second Community Garden in 2013.

While we search for the best location for our 2nd Community Gardens, we are working with various local organizations, the schools, and talented community members to offer fun, healthy learning opportunities for the kids this garden season.  We’ll also be holding workshops for grown ups !

Garden Manager to start work in early March.

We are currently interviewing for the part-time position after receiving many qualified applicants.   A happy dilemma and a difficult choice for sure!

Start a Farmers’ Market in collaboration with ArtFusion  and Pottstown Middle School.

The success and abundance of last years gardening efforts spawned the idea of a Pottstown Farmer’s Market giving students an opportunity to take their produce from “farm to market,” while offering fresh, organic produce to the public at competitive prices.

Extensive Non-Profit management training for our Board is funded by PAHWF.

This is a fantastic training program for our board.  Learning and growing are ongoing for the board and members of the CLT.

Establish regular, although initially limited, Office hours.

This year we will set our office up at 10 S. Hanover and post regular office hours.  We hope to extend those hours with additional volunteer staff.  We hope you’ll stop by for a cold drink or a cup of coffee!

Here Are Our Bylaws and Strategic Plan,

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Mosaic Community Land Trust Strategic Plan 2012 – 2017 


Our directors and volunteers are having fun, learning, growing and giving back while working to lay the groundwork for a healthy, sustainable Pottstown… Please join us !!   

Board of Trustees:

David Jackson, President/Retired Pilot, United Airlines

Cindy Young Conard/Vice President, Senior Manager Quality Assurance, John Middleton Company

David Garner/Secretary, Local Attorney

Gretchen Lea, Interior Designer/Businesswoman 

Mary-Beth Bacallao, Contract Administrator, Seimens

Mike Horn, Retired Architect

Judith Memberg, Executive Director, Genesis Housing Corp.

The Founding Members Are:

Dave Garner is a lifetime resident of Pottstown and attorney working to improve the community through various initiatives. He can be reached at dggarner1@comcast.net or 484-945-0777. Website: http://www.davidgarnerlaw.com/index.html

David Jackson is a resident of the Washington Street Corridor.  He retired in 2003 after 29 years of teaching, developing training programs and flying as a Captain for United Airlines.  He can be reached at Itsdl2u@yahoo.com or 484-949-4235.

Sue Repko grew up in Pottstown and lives in New Jersey.  She is an urban planner and writer, who has worked in government, coached and volunteered, while raising a family.  She started the Positively!Pottstown blog in 2010 to promote Pottstown and give back to her hometown.  She can be reached at PositivelyPottstown@gmail.com

Honorable Mention:  Our dear friend, Chris Huff, is also a founding member. Although he no longer resides in Pottstown – he’s always here in spirit!!


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